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Learn from the best kitesurfing teachers in Aruba. They are going to get you up to speed in no time! ​


semi-private 2 hours kitesurfing class
2 Hrs Beginner Kitesurfing Class
2 hr
With our 8 hours Kitesurfing Package you will get planty of time to get your game going. The 8 hours are devided into 4 classes of 2 hours and are semi-private.
8 Hrs Kitesurfing Package
2 hr
2 hours of kitesurfing classes with just you and your kitesurf instructor.
2 Hrs Private Kitesurfing Class
2 hr
Are you determent to get your kitesurf game going in no-time? Then this is the perfect class for you. 3 hours of intense kitesurfing action with own your instructor!
3 Hrs Private Kitesurfing Class
3 hr

All the kitesurfing classes include full gear
*Semi-Private: min two students and one instructor
Private: one student and one instructor

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